Case Study: Alcohol Detox of a Business Woman in the Privacy of Her Home

Beth's Journey to Sobriety and Empowerment

Introducing Beth, a strong and resilient 48-year-old working mother who has faced significant challenges in her battle with alcohol addiction. As a divorced mother of a 12-year-old daughter and a 11-year-old son, Beth’s responsibilities at home weighed heavily on her. Over the past five years, her alcohol consumption has escalated, particularly since her divorce.

Starting with a glass of wine after dinner, she found herself increasing her intake as the evening progressed. Despite being a dedicated sales representative for a reputable international company, Beth recognized the need for change and reached out to Radius Recovery to guide her through the process of alcohol detoxification.

To create an environment conducive to her recovery, Beth arranged for her children to spend time with their father while she took time off from work, dedicating Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday to her healing journey. Radius coordinated her care with a skilled Nurse Practitioner (NP) Home Detox Nurse specializing in addictions. Under the compassionate supervision of the Home Detox nurse, Beth underwent a seamless alcohol detoxification process in the comfort of her own home. Throughout the detox, her vital signs, the CIWA scale (Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment), and her sleep patterns were carefully monitored. Beth also received invaluable support from her sister during this critical phase of her recovery. The dedicated nurse provided transportation to appointments with the nurse practitioner and accompanied Beth to various AA meetings, although Beth decided not to attend them.

Continuing her commitment to long-term sobriety, Beth maintained regular visits with the nurse practitioner, who also reinstated her antidepressant medication to address any co-occurring mental health concerns. With each passing day, Beth’s resolve grew stronger. Now, well over a year into her sobriety journey, Beth has become an inspiring support system and role model, not only for her children but also for others who struggle with addiction.

Please note that the name and specific identifying information in this case study have been changed to respect privacy and confidentiality, allowing Beth’s courageous journey towards sobriety and empowerment to be shared with compassion and discretion.

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