Concierge Treatment

for Detox, Rehab & Recovery

Welcome to Radius Recovery, where we believe that everyone deserves a life free from addiction, filled with hope, health, and a better future. As a concierge treatment provider, we offer individualized programs tailored to meet your unique needs. With over 40 years of medical experience and a specialization in addiction treatment, Dr. Harry and his team have developed cutting-edge, evidence-based programs that have transformed the lives of thousands of individuals.

At Radius Recovery, we understand that not everyone can be treated the same way. That’s why we take the time to evaluate each client and create a personalized treatment plan that honors their circumstances, resources, and goals. Our full-continuum of care offers multiple pathways to recovery, including using Radius Recovery’s Recovery & Wellness Network, in-home care with 24-hour staff, local accommodations, and tele-health services. We believe in a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction.

Our network of providers consists of licensed medical professionals, counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sober coaches, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, spiritual guides, marriage and family therapists, and fitness experts – all working together to support your recovery journey.

We understand that addiction knows no boundaries and can affect individuals from all walks of life, including high achievers who may find it difficult to embrace the qualities of surrender and connected spirituality. Our specialized programs are designed to cater to this unique group, providing the intensive and specific approach needed for successful recovery. Whether you’re a physician, attorney, pilot, executive, professional athlete, or entertainer, we are here to help you break free from the grips of addiction and create a life of lasting sobriety.

Recovery is our ultimate goal at Radius Recovery. We believe in living a full and meaningful life without relying on drugs or alcohol. Through our simplified version of the Twelve Steps, emotional engagement, and a focus on spirituality, we guide you towards a profound shift in perception and lifestyle. Our culture of recovery replaces the old patterns of addiction, where sobriety becomes cool and the path to a brighter future.

With our team’s expertise and compassionate approach, we provide the tools, support, and love necessary for successful recovery. Our aim is to condense months or even years of treatment into a shorter timeframe, utilizing all available resources and aspects of care. We also offer tele-medicine and distance learning options, ensuring access to our customized treatments regardless of your location.

Are you ready to clean your slate and free yourself from the burdens of addiction? Join us at Radius Recovery and embark on a transformative journey towards a life of sobriety, purpose, and joy.