Case Study: A Father’s Alcohol Binge

Overcoming Alcohol Binge and Achieving Sobriety

A concerned family member reached out to us, deeply worried about their father’s (a retired business owner) five-day alcohol binge in a Downtown hotel. Although hesitant to intervene without their father’s consent, they sought information about available options. Could our program be the solution? It was crucial to assess the potential client’s willingness to accept help.

Understanding the urgency, Radius assured the family member that an experienced Home Detox Nurse specialized in addiction treatment was readily available. This dedicated nurse could travel to the client’s hotel, establish contact, and determine if the client desired assistance. Grateful for the guidance, the family member thanked us and ended the call. Shortly after, the client himself reached out from the hotel room, showing interest in our services. Initially hesitant, he had a change of heart within minutes and requested our help.

Without delay, our skilled nurse in our network, well-versed in addiction and medical detoxification, journeyed to the city to meet the client. A thorough assessment was conducted, followed by stabilization and initiation of the Alcohol Detox process. Remarkably, within forty-eight hours, the client exhibited coherence, physical stability, and a newfound willingness to access previous support systems while being open to exploring new ones.

Thanks to this timely intervention through our Executive Detox Program, the destructive cycle of the binge was curtailed, minimizing further harm to the client’s well-being. As a result, the client is now back home, actively engaging in business and personal endeavors, surrounded by positive influences within their sobriety journey.

Witnessing the transformative power of this intervention, we remain committed to supporting individuals like our client in their pursuit of sustained sobriety, prioritizing their privacy and confidentiality throughout the process.

Please note that the name and specific identifying information in this case study have been changed to uphold privacy and confidentiality, allowing us to share this remarkable success story while maintaining utmost respect for our client’s personal journey.

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