The Cost

For Detox at Home

​​Welcome to Radius Recovery, where we offer an innovative at-home detox and rehab program for alcohol, drug and/or opioid addiction. Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable detoxification experience in the privacy and convenience of your own home, hotel or vacation rental. With Radius Recovery, you can embark on your journey to recovery with compassion and support.

Understanding the Cost of Home Detox

We believe in transparency when it comes to the cost of our services. The cost of a home detox with Radius Recovery is comparable to the daily rate of a luxury rehab program, lasting a minimum of five days. In some cases, if you are located in a different region, a private duty Registered Nurse (RN) may need to travel to your destination, and travel expenses will apply. Please note that physician fees, laboratory fees (if necessary), and medication fees are the responsibility of the client – however, we will try to accomodate insurance when availability and scheduling make it an option. For stabilization, we recommend a minimum of five to seven days.

Insurance Coverage and Private Pay Options 

It’s important to note that our services are not covered by insurance. However, many of our clients value private and confidential care, as they prefer not to involve insurance companies or disclose their treatment to others. At Radius Recovery, we offer private pay and self-pay options. The specific cost of our services is proprietary, but our fees are considered reasonable for clients who can comfortably afford them. We acknowledge that our services may be expensive for those who cannot afford them, and we encourage individuals to consider their financial situation before pursuing our services.

Payment Methods and Considerations 

To ensure a smooth payment process, a retainer may be requested in advance, and a final invoice will be provided upon completion of the medical detox. 
We accept various payment methods, including wire transfers, personal checks, cash, and other negotiable options. 
It’s important to note that we do not recommend clients or family members take out loans or extend their credit to pay for our services. We prioritize your financial well-being and aim to alleviate, rather than contribute to, any financial stress during this time. With that said, there are partners available whom do provide financing for these services.

Please be aware that payment plans over time are not accepted, as we strive to maintain the highest level of service and support throughout your detox and recovery journey.

At Radius Recovery, we are dedicated to helping you overcome your alcohol, drug and/or opioid addiction and regain control of your life. Our compassionate and convenient at-home detox program is designed to provide you with the care and support you need. Join us on this transformative path to recovery.