Relapse Prevention

Empower Your Journey

At Radius Recovery, we understand the challenges that arise during the transition from inpatient treatment to the next phase of recovery. That’s why we have developed our innovative Recovery and Wellness Program, designed to address these concerns and foster long-term sobriety. Unlike standard relapse prevention methods, we have reimagined our approach to make a real difference in the lives of individuals battling addiction.

Our program goes beyond substance addiction by helping patients identify other addictive patterns that may emerge once they return home. Many individuals with addictive personalities may replace drugs and alcohol with compulsive behaviors like excessive exercise, restrictive eating, overeating, overworking, or engaging in compulsive sexual behaviors. These behaviors often lead to substance relapse and can negatively impact personal relationships, mirroring the challenges posed by substance abuse.

We also recognize that successful completion of inpatient treatment doesn’t guarantee continued progress without proper follow-up care. Many patients fail to complete recommended intensive outpatient treatment, miss medical appointments, or struggle with medication compliance. These behaviors frequently contribute to relapse, as patients lose the structure, accountability, and medical support they relied on during inpatient care. At Radius Recovery, we’ve taken steps to address these barriers to sobriety through our comprehensive Recovery and Wellness Program.

As part of our program, patients create personalized relapse prevention plans that address both substance addiction and other potential addictive patterns. We work closely with patients to identify the underlying issues that contributed to their addiction, ensuring a deeper understanding and effective strategies for lasting recovery. Additionally, our patients receive 4-5 individual or family therapy sessions per week, allowing for greater processing of underlying issues and increased family involvement. We know that returning to the same environment without involving loved ones in therapy often leads to relapse. To further support our patients’ sobriety journey, we provide a Life Skills Guide that promotes accountability throughout lifelong sobriety.

We understand that maintaining continuity of care is essential for successful recovery. That’s why our outpatient program seamlessly transitions patients from inpatient care, allowing them to continue seeing the same doctors and psychiatric providers. By preserving these vital relationships, our patients receive the ongoing medical support they need, with providers who understand their history and treatment progress. Our commitment to your recovery extends beyond traditional care. We offer a 24-hour hotline and check-in meetings to provide continuous support whenever you need it.

Choose Radius Recovery for a holistic approach to relapse prevention. Our evidence-based methods, combined with personalized care and ongoing support, pave the way for increased long-term sobriety rates. Join us on the road to recovery and allow us to monitor the impact of our program on your journey.