Case Study: Detox of a Separated Mother of Three

Detox of a Separated Mother of Three

Bethany is  a courageous 47-year-old woman who has embarked on a transformative path towards recovery. As a dedicated mother of three children, ranging in ages from 8 to 12years, Bethany’s journey has been uniquely challenging. Despite her independent wealth and freedom from work obligations, she has been grappling with a ten-year addiction to cocaine and heroine. However, her determination to overcome these challenges is unwavering, even though she is hesitant to seek inpatient treatment due to fears of her separated husband using the stigma of addiction treatment against her. Additionally, Bethany craves the freedom of not feeling confined within the walls of a treatment facility, emphasizing her desire to reclaim her autonomy.

After thorough discussions and consideration, Bethany courageously agreed to a ten-day home detox program. Collaborating closely with the compassionate and experienced Executive Home Detox Nurse, she met with an ASAM-based Detox Physician to plan and implement a comprehensive detoxification process utilizing suboxone. Bethany had previously attempted to detox on her own but recognized the immense value of having a dedicated private duty addictions nurse by her side. This support ensured proper medication management and maintained clear communication with the prescribing doctor, providing her with the reassurance and guidance she needed.

During the initial 48 hours of the detox process, Bethany received comfort medications tailored to her needs. This included benzodiazepines, anti-spasmodics, and over-the-counter pain medication, all carefully administered to ease her discomfort and support her well-being. With remarkable resilience and determination, she responded exceptionally well to the suboxone treatment. Within the ten-day timeframe, Bethany successfully detoxed from opiates, achieving a significant milestone in her journey to recovery. Importantly, she also made the brave decision to completely cease her cocaine use during this transformative period.

Recognizing the significance of providing ongoing support, the dedicated EHD nurse remained with Bethany for an additional two days, closely monitoring any potential rebound withdrawal symptoms. This personalized attention ensured her safety and well-being during this critical phase of her recovery journey. Additionally, an aftercare plan was thoughtfully created, tailored to Bethany’s unique needs. This comprehensive plan included individual therapy, a nutritionist, follow-up psychiatric care, and active participation in an early recovery group. By addressing her emotional well-being, receiving continued professional guidance, and joining a supportive recovery community, Bethanya has set herself up for long-term success and personal growth.

Please note that the names and specific identifying information for this case study have been changed to uphold privacy and confidentiality, respecting Bethany’s journey towards recovery.

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